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If you are interested in performing any of my plays, please contact me to negotiate performance rights and royalties. Most of my scripts are published through Amazon CreateSpace and can be purchased from either the links below or from

If you have not yet purchased scripts, please contact me about royalties first. I can offer a discount on the scripts as part of the royalty agreement.

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 Script cover for Sherlock Holmes and the Sign of Four

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Sherlock Holmes and The Sign of Four

by Eric J. McAnallen


Dr. John Watson, wounded and fresh off the front lines in the Afghan War, decides to share rooms with the enigmatic Sherlock Holmes, a self-proclaimed consulting detective. Watson desires peace and quiet after his misadventures in Afghanistan but soon discovers that life with Holmes is anything but peaceful. When Miss Mary Morstan calls on Holmes to help solve the mystery of her missing father, the two roommates are soon off on a quest to discover stolen treasure and solve a murder.