Website is whole again. Let that be a lesson to everyone who manages websites. Always have a recent backup. Thankfully, mine wasn't too old and I was able to restore the site, sans malware infection. What it really has taught me is that I need to post more often.

Current Projects

I will be returning to the stage this summer as Ciaphus in The Red Barn Theatre's production of my favorite musical, Jesus Christ Superstar. For more information, see the Barn's Website.

Fractured Fairy Tales

Well, I'm only a month late in posting this.

My short play, The Princess and the Great Gold Dragon, was selected to appear in RACT Theatre Productions' first show of the 2017 season. Written specifically with this show in mind, the story is that of a Japanese Princess on a quest to prove to her father, the Shogun, that she is strong and brave.

The story is conveyed to the audience via a storyteller who has to dodge the running commentary of the hero while the cast acts out the events as best they can with the limited resources at their disposal.

RACT did four performances and it was very well received by the audiences.